If you don’t already know what a break/fix cycle is, ask your current IT contractor. He may be reluctant to answer as this cycle is something that every business should work to get rid of as soon as possible. Let me explain this further.

A break/fix cycle is when any part of your IT system goes down unexpectedly and you have your IT contractor come in, service the system and leave you with a hefty bill. This can occur at any time, to any type of business. Things can be running smoothly, sales are up, employee morale is up and your business is growing. Then it happens; your servers crash! Work doesn’t just slow down, it stops. Your staff can’t do their jobs because your IT systems are doing theirs. It’s a nightmare that many businesses fear and it just happened to yours.

You call the IT guy and he says he will be there in a couple of days, maybe after the weekend still. You can’t wait until next week so you start calling every IT professional Google spits out until you find one that can help. He shows up, gets your system back online and charges you double the normal rate because it was a last minute emergency fix. It doesn’t matter at the time because you are back up and running and everybody is back to work. Buy what about if it happens again? What will you do?

There is an alternative to the break/fix cycle and it is hiring a Managed Services Provider (MSP) who can prevent these type of problems from happening in the first place. Why should you hire a MSP over your current IT contractor? Let’s take a look.

Your current IT contractor profits every time you have a break/fix cycle and while he is profiting, your business slows down or stops altogether. This is bad for you, but good for him.

A MSP profits by keeping your systems running efficiently and preventing any break/fix scenarios. This is good for your business as it lets you and your employees do the jobs you need to get done to keep your clients happy. A MSP is motivated to keep you up and running and this pays off for you every day that you are able to do business.

With a MSP, you pay a set monthly fee to your IT provider and this keeps your systems properly maintained and always at the ready. If anything does go wrong, you don’t pay. That’s the incentive for the MSP; if they want to profit, they need to keep your IT systems up and running at all times.

Another benefit of hiring a MSP is that you will have fewer IT budget surprises. How do you plan for a break/fix scenario when you don’t know when they will happen? If your systems are being properly maintained, you will know well in advance of any upgrades you might need and you will be able to allocate the funds needed.

And, just like having car insurance of health insurance, a MSP will give you the peace of mind you need to know that your business’ IT systems are safe, secure and operating at optimum efficiency. You will feel better about not having to worry about down time, budget issues or complete business shutdowns due to an IT issue. You will effectively have more predictability and that will make you happy.

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