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Straits Grid Pte Ltd is the owner of Termoguayas Generation S.A. in Ecuador. 

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ExertChange has worked with them since 2012 assisting them with the set-up of their new office in Singapore. Utilizing our proven Modern Office Framework, we were able to build and setup their office ensuring they had everything they needed to operate safely and securely in today’s digital world.

ExertChange created a Modern Office Solution that provided Straits Grid Pte Ltd with UTM as a Service to protect their data from hackers and crackers. We also integrated an IP Phone System which was designed to reduce overseas call charges when contacting their clients, vendors and partners around the world. Combined with email management and administration utilizing Office 365, we were well under way to providing Straits Grid Pte Ltd with the modern essentials every office needs.

They needed secure points of access to their facility as well as the separate rooms within. To add a level of protection and security to their premises, we created HID card access system on every room, digital recording Axis IP Surveillance system and 2N IP Door Phone to identify and release door from IP Video Phone.

Straits Grid Pte Ltd also required dedicated IT framework that included servers, a wireless network, network equipment and technical support.

Once their building was secure, our team went to work securing their data systems creating easy to use IT systems that would protect and streamline their data points. We added Backup as a Service for their important data, EndPoint Protection as a Service to secure against Malware, Viruses and Ransomware as well as 24×7 Help Desk support enabled via Chat, Phone or Email.

The ExertChange team installed a variety or hardware including a Setup Rack which included a Server as well as Networking and Power Backup Equipment, Computers, Laptops and MacBooks and Enterprise Wireless as a Service with Roaming handoff enabled to tie all of this together. We linked Straits Grid to our 24×7 Decentralized Monitoring System managed by our Network Operating Center which offers them reliable monitoring and technical support for their security and network systems.


The ExertChange best in class UPS system, gave Straits Grid a higher power factor while still delivering low levels of harmonic distortion. This optimizes the power usage of any appliances include in their server rack. To streamline their technology Vendors such as Copier and ISP, we added One Point of Contact for all.


Once their Modern Smart Office was in place, we added Online Presence as a Service which is fully managed by ExertChange. This, paired with our End to End Managed services, gave Straits Grid the Modern Smart Office they need here in Singapore and has given them the ability to grow their business successfully on the world stage. In Q4 2015, Straits Grid relocate office and we moved all the setup to the new office in timely manner.