Give your own Clients the best Experience

Today’s business owners face many difficult challenges; IT shouldn’t be one of them. You wouldn’t try to fix your own car or perform surgery on yourself; why try to solve your complicated IT solutions? In many cases, trying to solve an IT issue on your own can lead to more problems and, ultimately, a complete system shutdown.

 You don’t want a rat to visit your kitchen


You lay traps around the house to catch all these pests. The Managed Threat Management will do the same too to protect your network. Instead of traps, we engage a beefy guard to catch the pests at the gate before they can enter to cause damage.

Never miss a file

Your team are cooking for a group of VIP. The person in-charge of the oyster station accidentally overcook all of it. There isn’t any left and no time to travel to buy more. You can’t fulfil the table. Not a good position. Now imagine that with a project. A team member accidentally deleted all of the files and your dateline is tomorrow. ExertChange Managed Business Continuity ensure you don’t miss all of your biggest assets, your data.

Let you Fish for Client

Search engine is the best friend of many people. Managed Online Presence will assist your potential clients view what you are doing. With the help of analytics, you can view where they are roaming in your website. You position your bait on the best place.

Let you talk and listen


ExertChange Managed Phone System let you answer your calls anywhere. Focus what your client is talking. You can go back and listen to recordings.

Let’s be personal

It’s time to serve the dish to VIPs. With the help of Managed Customer Relation Management module, you now can amaze them. Have a dish specially to their taste, serving the drinks they love. Long gone the days where you have to ask the previous team members who serve the client what is their taste.

Allow you to read email anywhere

Office 365 is the leader in cloud based business solutions. Everything from your emails to your Office documents are safe, secure and available 24/7 in the cloud. This allows your team to be more productive by have the ability to work out of the office and anywhere in the world.

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Watch your office away from office

Have an active guard protecting your most precious business assests through Managed IP Surveillance.

Your device, our device too

Our ExertCare service offers today’s Modern Smart Offices a dedicated point of contact for all of their IT outsourcing needs. Our service coverage includes all of your business’ IT devices and ensures that every device from your desktop, to your server is optimized and running at peak efficiency.

Speak to someone

You might need help. We offer a 24×7 chat and remote service so that we can always be available to provide you with a solution.

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You eat an elephant one bite at a time?  

ExertChange’s “Hardware as a Service” program offer companies the flexibility of being able to outsource all or part of your IT functions through a monthly subscription service that both budget friendly and adaptable to the changing needs of your business.  Connect with us for a consultation session. Furthermore; what you inspect, get improved.

Frequently Asked Questions

ExertChange let you break free from the constant hassles and uncertainty of IT support that plagues our industry. We offer a new way, a better way; one that will ensure your IT needs are being met while preventing future problems that could cause an increase in production down times costing your business lost profits.

No more spending more than you have to on services that you don’t need; with ExertChange you get the hardware, service and support you need without the upfront capital investment and prohibitive costs usually associated with our level of support.

ExertChange provide 24x7x365 monitoring and has a Nerve Center staffed by engineers that is looking at alarms. We sometimes fix the issues before you even know it. This approach allow us to fix new problem before it turns out to be difficult. Scheduled preventive maintenance is carried out to ensure better uptime. Backup are monitored and tested on regular basis. With more of preventative approach, we can cut have a win-win situation. 

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